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So i have a NEBOSH diploma - what should I do next training wise

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So i have a NEBOSH diploma - what should I do next training wise

Post by TWDB »

Evening all,

I was just looking for some advise for all on here.

so I have NEBOSH Diploma.....what next?

when you were in my shoes what courses/ training etc did you do next / what would you recommend I look at to help me develop further in my SHEQ role/ H&S role.

apologises i know a very broad question but wanted to get some ideas from you guys.

Thanks T
Update: taken a new job :D hopefully confidence and positivity will return with new challenge - scary though leaving current place after 16 years (6 years H&S !) :shock:
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Re: So i have a NEBOSH diploma - what should I do next training wise

Post by Alexis »

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Re: So i have a NEBOSH diploma - what should I do next training wise

Post by EagleBeagle »

You could consider a Masters, either through the NEBOSH affiliated universities or elsewhere. I find the learning level is poor compared to the Diploma on safety but if it's a mixed environmental one it can be interesting to balance out the repetition and cover new topics.

A natural progression might be the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma if you've any interest in expanding into environmental field. A big advantage is the structure is the same as the Diploma with less theory modules and the same type of written assignment.

If you're looking for shorter one's there's plenty of technical training courses and certificates in everything from fire safety, incident investigation, emergency management, fire safety, etc, etc.
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Grand Shidoshi
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Re: So i have a NEBOSH diploma - what should I do next training wise

Post by safetygal »

I did the Masters at Hull University, and I fully recommend it. If you are UK based and haven't done a Masters before, you can get a loan from the government if your company doesn't support the cost

When I first started it I was terrified and thought "OMG what have I done?"

what I liked about it - you take the course in your own direction, it is essay based and you write essays based on the modules but you can design it how you want to with your own flair and interests, you will really see your knowledge from the diploma start to be put into practice.

here is a youtube chat with some of the former students (me included) that talk about the course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4ZSO7mlqBU

it is also worth reaching out to Steve Pace the course supervisor and he can tell you more about it - really nice guy S.C.Pace@hull.ac.uk
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