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An interview question

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An interview question

Post by Ader1 »

I have an interview this week. It's for a lower management position. Bottom rung. I was asked before in an interview how I would persuade someone to do something which they don't want to do? It went something like that. How should I approach a question like that? Thanks.

(I should add that I don't have any management experience)
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Re: An interview question

Post by stephen1974 »

First step is to find out why they dont want to do it. There may be legitimate reasons, they may have identified a failing in your procedures for example, or they may be new to your company and have been trained a different way so are a little unsure of why you want what you want. Or they may just be lazy or entrenched in the way they do it - "i've been doing it this way for 10 years" type stuff. You'll have to make your own mind up as to whether their reasons are legit or not.

Next step is explaining why they need to do, and I mean the benefits of the actual tasks and not just saying "because of health and safety". Show them the risks if you can. If you can visually show the consequences thats far more effective than just telling, though in todays world they'll probably call in sick with ptsd if you show them a picture of someone with a papercut.

Then move on to policy and procedure, hopefully these are properly established, and say this is the job you are required to do and the way in which you are required to do it.

and from there, on to the potential for disciplinary actions.

Sadly, shock collars are not allowed.
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