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Working from home due to COVID, even for a day? Claim a year's worth of tax relief

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Jack Kane
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Working from home due to COVID, even for a day? Claim a year's worth of tax relief

Post by Jack Kane »

If you haven't seen this already please have a look. If you have worked from home because of coronavirus this year, even for just one day, you can claim tax relief for the whole year.

Taken from Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert. It only took me a few minutes to go through the HMRC questions. You will need a Government Gateway ID to do it and if you don't have one yet, it's not difficult to set up which you can do through this claim process.

It might not sound much to some people but it's better in your pocket than the tax man's ;)

Required to work from home even for ONE DAY since 6 April 2020? You can claim tax relief for the WHOLE YEAR – worth £60 or £125.
Martin Lewis wrote:Back in October, we discovered HMRC had launched a brand new microservice which meant that even if you'd only been required to work at home for just one day this tax year, you'd automatically get the whole tax year's claim, regardless of how long you were at home for.

I was sceptical, so we checked, double-checked and treble-checked. It was kosher. I even phoned HMRC and got it to give me a direct quote: "We recognise that the working-from-home situation is very fluid this year, so we're accepting claims for the full year's expenses. That includes even if people have only worked from home for some of the year, to avoid needing to contact us if you have to work from home again."

In other words, it has been done, in part, as recognition that this year is very different, and, in part, to save HMRC's processing costs to stop people needing to put in multiple claims, having had to work at home, then not at home, then back at home again.

Since then I've been pushing it hard, both here and on my TV show, and this week (29 December 2020) it let me know my pushing had worked and around a staggering 1.4 million people have claimed. By the way, if you think "I don't feel I deserve it" – you could always claim it and donate it to a charity that does.

Already put a claim in for this tax year before the system changed? Don't worry, you won't miss out, but as I explain below you will need to take more action to get the whole amount.

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Re: Working from home due to COVID, even for a day? Claim a year's worth of tax relief

Post by Waterbaby »

../. ../. clapclap
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Re: Working from home due to COVID, even for a day? Claim a year's worth of tax relief

Post by wendolene26 »

Thanks for this. Our work told us about this a few months ago, so I duly logged on and completed the forms. Process completed, but no change to my tax code. After contacting HMRC, I was advised to recomplete the form (it looked completely different this time, so they've obviously made the process a lot easier!!) and this time it worked.

just a heads up for those who may have attempted this in the earlier days and not had any success.
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