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PPE advice For First Aiders

Discuss all things health and safety.

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PPE advice For First Aiders

Post by Siblo »

Hi Guys and Girls,

I hope everyone is well.

My question is as the title, there is currently no guidance regards wearing of PPE and scientific advice is sketchy to say the least.

However, I have taken advice from the published advice for healthcare workers which prescribes gloves and face masks (surgical type).

And so, from now I'm adding to my first aid kits on-site, 1 x sanitiser gel, 3 x Surgical masks. Instructions to FA's, when treating a casualty, first make the area safe, and to do that, clean hands with sanitiser gel, don gloves, don a mask, then put a mask on the casualty, then administer first aid.

Thoughts and opinions please.



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Anorak Extraordinaire
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Re: PPE advice For First Aiders

Post by ScottD »

Hi Siblo,

We are a manufacturing company and are back at work, all our guys are wearing medical type masks and disposable gloves as standard but we have said that the first aider shall wear a full face visor as an addition when treating any injuries. We are fortunate to have a first aid room so it is stocked up and there are separate handwashing facilities for before and after any treatment is given. The only time the IP will remove any PPE is if the area to be treated is on the hands, face etc.

Cunningly disguised as a responsible adult

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Re: PPE advice For First Aiders

Post by Waterbaby »


These threads have some info ;)


#SocialDistancing #FlattenTheCurve

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