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Brazing Training Requirements

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Brazing Training Requirements

Post by aimeeturtle90 »

Morning all,

Am after some advice if possible?

We have brazers on site, who are time served, competent persons - the question has now been asked whether or not, and at what intervals, do they need to be re-certified on this?

I have been searching and cannot seem to find anything, and before I offer out advice I would rather know the facts 100%.

Any help would be massively appreciated,

Many Thanks

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Re: Brazing Training Requirements

Post by Siblo »

Hi Aimee

For me, Brazers would fall in the category of skilled worker, plumber, joiner etc.

I would not insist on refresher training but would expect some form of record of previous training. BTEC, City & Guilds ect

If they don't have any I would document their work records, specific skills and abilities.

Its hard to start them training now, they probably know more than any "teacher" you could send them to.

Maybe someone else has a different opinion


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Re: Brazing Training Requirements

Post by Andyblue »

Nicely put by Siblo above. It sounds like you may need :want to start a new system. As a new system you can make any suggestions you like. Perhaps a competency review at 1,3 or 5 yrs by an internal or external observer/ assessor of their direct skills and understanding of your safety systems. So starting year one and assessment now.
AFAIR there is no specific review timescale.
Have you sought advise from the awarding body that the braziers have their quals from (c&g etc) on timescales and of review content. But you as their employer know what is expected and probably best positioned to say what is competent to you. That you haven’t said that some are below par or been found wanting suggests the current ones would pass the assessment. Nothing wrong with that happening. Documenting this could well suffice to provide a meaningful answer for your enquirer

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