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College Student Accident

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College Student Accident

Post by Blackstone »

Morning all,

The son of a colleague goes to college and seriously injured himself while at college.
He was using a hand saw (not sure what type) and has badly cut the skin and ligaments between his thumb and forefinger.

The college contacted his parents to tell them he had been taken to hospital. They couldn't tell them what had happened, what injuries he had sustained or what condition he was in. After the parent becoming slightly irate at not being given any information the lady on the end of the phone said "well, accidents do happen!" :roll:
Suffice to say his dad was not impressed! :evil:
He wants to find out what happened and ask the college for information.

I said he needs to ask for a copy of:
Risk Assessment(s) for the task/area
Copy of accident report.
Copy of accident investigation.

To add another factor the student has tourettes and should have extra supervision due to his ticks.

Not my area of expertise and im sure I've missed something?

Any comments welcome

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Re: College Student Accident

Post by kevlarion »

training record for using the tool unsupervised
details of supervision provided
risk assessment and control measures specific to a young person with additional needs
You should probably consult a solicitor to get all this stuff in a chain of evidence whether you decide to make a claim or not.
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Re: College Student Accident

Post by Andyblue »

I'd firstly take a deep breath and consider the original phone call - quite possibly an admin person who really did not know what had happened, had not seen it or been fully appraised of what had occurred but was being a messenger. Think what was more important at that time - telling them the IP had gone to hospital or giving deep granular detail as to what happened?
As for asking for lots of documents- in a self preserving mode the college is likely to raise alarm bells and decline. They will be assuming some form of civil claim and allegations against them so they will not readily expose themselves at this stage.
By now the injured person has, hopefully, had chance to tell the parents their account as to how it happened - perhaps it was an accident. Even highly skilled and experienced carpenters get cut sometimes.
What we could consider, is asking to calmly meet with the college to hear what they have to say. At this stage, does reading an RA really make a difference! Asking what they have done since the incident may well reveal as much, if not more, than any written investigation report - and I would seriously doubt they will give you a copy of that.
By the tone passed forward by the OP, we could assume they are considering a civil claim, they may want to step back, seek suitable legal advise and take it forward from there.
Then there consideration is how the IP is recovering and of course how they will now proceed in terms of continuing, or not, at the same college.
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