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Dynamic leadership ideas

Discuss all things health and safety.

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Dynamic leadership ideas

Post by MCJ1983 »

Hi guys

I am looking for ideas to motivate a team of safety advisors in how to drive and improve their departments performance.
I have issued presentations on culture, I am putting together a safety week where the focus is on health and was just wondering if those with more experience than me might have other ideas that will help!!

Any ideas are much appreciated!!


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Re: Dynamic leadership ideas

Post by stephen1974 »

Without knowing specific goals it can be a little hard to advise.

If you are getting 100% on your audits, what is there to improve?
If you are not getting 100% on your audits, what areas are you weak on?

Target small, achievable goals. Success promotes success. Multi tasking promotes prioritising which also promotes putting other things off.
If you have monthly meetings, plan ahead and say, right, in August we will concentrate on X. get X sorted then in August meetings say, well done, X is sorted, in September will will focus on Y.

If you go in and say right we need to focus on X,Y,Z,A,B,C... and so on, it will appear overwhelming and its unlikely that everything will get done, so at the next meeting you will be hitting people with negatives.

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Re: Dynamic leadership ideas

Post by ScottD »

Hi Mike,
If you are focusing on Health, would it be possible to put your advisors on a mental health first aid course. I found it very informative and it did make me look at what I could do to support colleagues and give them an outlet to speak to when needed.
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