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HAVS Gloves

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Snr Member
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HAVS Gloves

Post by Siblo »

Hi Guys,

Quick question?????

Is there a standard for HAVS gloves, is their performance measured??? How??

I've just read

"A-V gloves reduce vibration at 300Hz and above. Most power tools operate at 30-150Hz (1800 - 9000rpm) Therefore, they are unlikely to reduce HAV exposure."

But i can not find evidence to support the statement (found the above in an old toolbox talk)



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Re: HAVS Gloves

Post by WillPool »

What I remember from the training course I did some yrs ago regarding HAVS and gloves that the instructor said vibration reduction gloves do nothing more than normal gloves in that they will keep your hands warm which may help with circulation.

It maybe that since then technology has come a long way and they will assist in vibration reduction.

However the HSE's guidance on Gloves standard does not include HAV Gloves:

http://www.hse.gov.uk/foi/internalops/o ... 03app5.pdf

Will .salut
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Re: HAVS Gloves

Post by ScottD »

I am of the same opinion as WillPool
I was informed they are not regarded as a control measure, they only keep hands warmer.

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Cat Strangler
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Re: HAVS Gloves

Post by Penfold »

We have done a lot of work on HAVS and how to manage exposure. I have spoken with the HSE about use of gloves and the problem with them they protect workers from the wrong frequency of vibration produced. The frequency that causes the most damage from vibration comes from the 6-16Hz range whilst most anti vibration gloves reduce vibration in the frequency of 31.5-1000Hz, so when a salesman lets you try them with a drill it does feel better but they are not really protecting you from the low frequency that causes harm to the blood vessels.

HSE have got this on their website

http://www.hse.gov.uk/vibration/hav/cam ... othing.htm

Hope this helps?

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