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Change management process/ Procedure help?

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Change management process/ Procedure help?

Post by TWDB »


I've been tasked to look at developing a Change management procedure or modify our existing procedures to cover this.

basically we have had a few Near misses this year that seem to indicate people not recognizing that the task has changed and then not looking at the new or changes in the Risks and Hazards properly which could/ have changed or the NEW Hazards created by this changes - before carrying on with the task.

would need to cover H&S, Env, and Quality

any one got any experience of this? and tips?

as always needs to be "not very onerous to comply with and implement" and I'm assuming would need to be coupled with Culture improvement in y company ! and Senior management leading by example.


Update: taken a new job :D hopefully confidence and positivity will return with new challenge - scary though leaving current place after 16 years (6 years H&S !) :shock:
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Juan Carlos
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Re: Change management process/ Procedure help?

Post by Juan Carlos »

Seems what you need is a review of risk assessments.... I would get the relevant managers doing this review with their own teams therefore your point in Senior Managers leading by example.
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Re: Change management process/ Procedure help?

Post by andybz »

Your approach will depend on how work is being controlled. If under a permit to work it should already be very clear that any change requires the permit to be suspended and the work reviewed before reissue. If proceduralised the requirement is to stop work and obtain permission to deviate from the procedure. Neither of these scenarios require a separate system to manage changes but should be integral to the control of work methods.
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