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Arc Eye and UV/IR exposure

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Arc Eye and UV/IR exposure

Post by Keith1983 »

Afternoon guys and girls. I've been left confused. I always thought that arc eye was caused by the exposure to high levels of UV light emitted when welding. I have been doing some research on our standard PPE for non-welders in areas where welding takes place. The manufacturer of our standard safety glasses tells me that the current model of glasses provide no IR protection and so people working closely to the welding operations would need an adequate level of IR protection. So is it UV/IR or both that cause arc eye? The welding specific safety glasses listed as being suitable for those working in close proximity but not carrying out welding come with an IR rating, yet the information I can find on arc eye says it is caused by UV so I'm a bit baffled. Any clarification would be much appreciated!
So when the whole world is safe..............what are we going to do then?

Steve M
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Re: Arc Eye and UV/IR exposure

Post by Steve M »

I looked into this when they were welding on one of my sites, They were using shielding but there were places that were exposed.
I found in my Diploma books that the harmful light was reduced to a safe level very quickly after leaving the source, this was enough to stop me proceeding any further.

I will try and find the information again when I get time.


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