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Working at Height Risk Assessment

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Working at Height Risk Assessment

Post by kevin18 »

HI, my question is, what is a working from height risk assessment.

I have carried out risk assessments for our processes and where working at height is involved ( ergo movers,hilop,vna's/ ladders) I have included it into the general risk assessment.

My manager has now asked me to complete a working from height risk assessment for the site? Does working from height require its own specific assessment? Does he mean a policy perhaps?

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Re: Working at Height Risk Assessment

Post by soulassasin101 »

Sounds like they want you to do a specific risk assessment for working at height tasks, rather than bundled in with the general risk assessment.
If you do it ensure to consider manual handling and transporting materials etc.
the downloads section has two risk assessments for Mini Scaffold RA and Step Ladder RA that are worth having a look at.
https://www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk/d ... assessment

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Re: Working at Height Risk Assessment

Post by stephen1974 »

Sounds like a tick box excersise. You have something in place already, but it doesnt have its own tick box, so you have to do it again.
However, If you have already got what is necessary in an exsiting assessment, Cut and Paste and bobs your uncle.
If you can't cut and paste it, then it probably isn't sufficient and you should start again. :)

I find its better to risk assess specific tasks rather than just cover generalisations anyway. Just doing general, common place, risks will miss out on specific risks unique to your environment.

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Grand Shidoshi
Grand Shidoshi
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Re: Working at Height Risk Assessment

Post by ddlh »

A working at height risk assessment should be a stand alone document due to the high risks attached and will lead to the development of the required rescue plan.

Easier to implement and audit, and communicate if it is stand alone.

If you think safety is a pain, try a leg fracture.

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Juan Carlos
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Re: Working at Height Risk Assessment

Post by Juan Carlos »

It places more emphasis on the work at height task. you need to consider the W@H hierarchy of controls AVOID-PREVENT- REDUCE / MINIMISE.

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