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recsue plan for scissor lifts

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recsue plan for scissor lifts

Post by afdmello »

Hi folks,

Our maintenance technician uses scissor lifts frequently. He works from within the platform and is tied off using a harness and a shock absorbing lanyard. The heights vary from 12 feet to 24 feet.
Is a rescue plan required for the folks working on the scissor lift and what shall it contain?

Presently we have trained other maintenance crew to use the ground controls to bring down the person working at height. The maintenance crew is provided with a telephone.

Anything else in best practices, documentation or that can add value to the above practice?


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Re: recsue plan for scissor lifts

Post by ddlh »

A rescue plan is required and a back up to the obvious ground release trick is required - it could be another MEWP is available to get up to the height?

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Re: recsue plan for scissor lifts

Post by grim72 »

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Re: recsue plan for scissor lifts

Post by Madness »

I would recommend (if possible) using a work restraint lanyard so the operator cant get over the side to fall out.

Some have controls at the base so another can lower the cage, failing that there should be a valve to lower the cage slowly. Worst case (if the person is unconscious) a platform to platform rescue if you have another cherry picker or forklift with "man cage" or call an engineer if they are conscious.

Unless you meant a rescue plan for if the fall arrest harness is in use and the operator is dangling like a conker, in which case there are lanyards with lowering devices built in or use the work restrain lanyard.

****EDIT**** http://www.ipaf.org/fileadmin/user_uplo ... uePlan.pdf Good link here :)

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Re: recsue plan for scissor lifts

Post by Evolution »

You can use the IPAF template provided above for the rescue plan but I have some concern about your fall arrest.

If he is using a scissor lift with a fixed guardrail system then he doesn't necessarily have to be wearing a harness at all (depending on the RA of course), my concern however is the use of inappropriate PPE in this situation could do more harm than good. The lanyard you have described is a fall arrest type and generally not designed to be used with MEWP's, I am yet to encounter a machine that is rated for fall arrest, the obvious risk is crushing, the machine toppling over due to the undue forces being applied by the operator falling out and the machine then landing on him or someone else but obviously load testing on anchorage points are also a concern.

There is also a risk that as the operator is using a lanyard that allows him to get outside the basket, he may well do so. I would suggest that in that scenario you are failing to prevent the fall.

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Re: recsue plan for scissor lifts

Post by PedrotheG7 »

can anyone confirm if the banksman/ rescue man needs ipaf or can he be instructed on hoe to "push the Button"

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Re: recsue plan for scissor lifts

Post by Alexis »

This is taken from the ipaf site.

"It is preferable for any nominated MEWP ground rescue person to have undergone some form of formal training relevant to the task. However, all nominated MEWP ground rescue persons should, as a minimum, have been familiarised with the MEWP being used and the rescue procedures in place, in order that they are competent to lower the MEWP platform using the ground/emergency controls in the work situations to which they are exposed."
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