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Hello and help please

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Jnr Member
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Hello and help please

Post by zenad »

Hi . i have not been around for a while as job has been really busy but Im loving it and my long awaited job search was well worth it! :) (Thanks to all that helped,)
I have a question about accident investigation .
I have to train managers in accident investigation, it is evident that there is general lacking of knowledge in this area. does any one have any suggestions as to how i can make this interesting but still get the message across about what is required and ensure they provide the correct informtation
Many thanks for your help

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Re: Hello and help please

Post by Keith1983 »

I don't have much experience in this field to be honest, but maybe a mock up scenario and see how they get on? Then a bit of training and then another scenario? Do you have a procedure in place? If there is then it would be a good resource to use to give you a hint of what it is you need to be teaching. Hope this helps?
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Re: Hello and help please

Post by browne4573 »

A colleague recently attended a course which involved accident investigation. One of the practical tasks they were asked to do was quite interesting and raises a good point.

Give each person a piece of paper. Ask them to draw a picture of the following. "A red nissan was turning right and was struck by a green jaguar".

Many people will draw road markings, specific locations of the cars, arrows to indicate direction and much more detail.

This demonstrates how common it is for people to assume things when it comes to investigations and helps you to drive home the point that you are only gathering the facts and mustn't assume anything.

Breaks the ice too!

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Re: Hello and help please

Post by MickG »

We had to do accident investigation task on the NEBOSH course.....

The scenario was somthing like... an office girl going for lunch and gone through a door from the offices into the warehouse and been hit by a fork lift truck. he driver had worked for the company for 20years and had been on refresher training the day before..... interview the 2 people & investigate.

Sounds easy..... during the questioning turns out that the girl wouldn't normally go that way. wasn't wearing a hi-vis. no sign on the door to tell her too. had no FLT awarness training & wasn't really paying attention to where she was going.
The driver HAD had training the day before, but on manual handling. & although been working for the company for 20years doesnt normally drive a FLT & hasn't got a licence, but was asked to move some stuff... everyone always does this, its expected.....

Who's to blame? supervisors? management?

You can make these scenarios as simple or complicatd as you like, but this worked very well

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