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Safety boots - Life ?

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Post by ohreally »

I omitted the tech manager going into the stores, digging out a ball of string, cutting off a length and telling the guy to lace up his footwear with the string.
This company is listed in the FTSE top 75 btw!

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Twinkle Toes
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Grand Shidoshi
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Post by Twinkle Toes »

We have an annual replacement of all of our kit, but, things like gloves, they replace new of for old/defective as often as needed.

We also accept that some of our staff get through their some stuff quicker than others eg: boots and replace them as necessary.

its take me a long time to get the powers to approve this, but now its in place its working really well.


Jnr Member
Jnr Member
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Post by KMaguire »

When working on Track I tend to go throught 1 pair of boots every 6 Month's,
It's mostly due to uneven terrain ie, Ballast.

Main cause's for me were the stitching going on them or the sole breaking from the leather.
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