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Face coverings grey area

Discuss all things health and safety.

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Face coverings grey area

Post by molly! »

Hi all - I'm really confused (as is everyone else)

I have a friend who works in a solicitors and under new government guidelines they are to wear face coverings as customers come in for advice ...

Fair enough - but do we have to now wear face coverings at all times (except exemptions) even when no customers are in the building as the rules are
..yet again.....

GREY ! No black and white answer -
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Re: Face coverings grey area

Post by Andyblue »

Can you Social distance?
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Re: Face coverings grey area

Post by stephen1974 »

If they have just said wear them for face to face's with customers then thats all you need to do. Sorry to say its more a compliance issue than a safety issue. That said, there is some merit to it. You can control your workplace and significantly reduce the likilihood of someone coming in to work who has the virus, therefore you are less likely to need additional control measures such as wearing face coverings.

You can't do that with the public, so additional control measures need to be inplace. Face coverings are probably the best way to go. Social distancing not so much because fo the length of time you might be in face to face meetings.
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Re: Face coverings grey area

Post by speshtiny »

Hi Molly,
In my workplace (college) the principal made the discussion that face coverings are to be worn at all times. We have other procedures in place to go alongside this.
So answer to your question, the Government give the guidelines, but if the boss wants to add more that's their decision. This will full under Section 2 of the Health and Safety Act and Management of Health and Safety Regs. If your friend's boss is taking extra precaution against COVID, I would be happy that they care for their workforce and taking the extra precautions towards their safety and health.
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Re: Face coverings grey area

Post by ScottD »

We have been wearing face coverings at work since May (manufacturing site) this was part of our return to work protocols.
It is quite funny seeing other regulations coming into effect when we have had them all along. I guess we had a belt and braces approach.
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Re: Face coverings grey area

Post by ddlh »

In Scotland - The guidance was tightened up - (announced by FM today) that face coverings must be worn when not seated at your desk - as like in pubs and restaurants - only mask free when seated. So going into corridors - toilets etc - away from your desk then masks should be worn.

I personally think this will move to all movement out doors as well come time till we get a vaccine.

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