Health Risks

Health Risks



New Health & Safety Downloads

Updated 06.05.19

Pre-use Checks Toolbox Talk (.doc) by Stevie Johnno

Document icon  Disease - Leptospirosis, Legionnaires, Dermatitis


Document icon  Diseases Associated with Birds


Document icon  First Aid Poster by Bigrob


Document icon  First Aid Risk Assessment Checklist by Lisa_


Presentation icon  First Aid Sign by Polo


PDF icon  First Aid by Andy Brazier


Presentation icon  Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) by Ian Harper


Spreadsheet icon  HAVs Levels Database by Mark Sutton



Document icon  HAVs Risk Assessment by Dave Hood


Document icon  Health Surveillance Skin Assessment by Safety


PDF icon  Legionella Action Plan by Safety


Presentation icon  NEBOSH Occupational Health Hazards by Terry Robson


Presentation icon  Occupational Health Revision by Polo


Document icon  Post Accident Return to Work Form by Siblo


Document icon  Pre-Employment Medical Assessment Form by Safety


PDF icon  Sick Building Syndrome Revision by HSfB


PDF icon  Stroke Poster by Scott Dunbar


Presentation icon  Swine Flu by Nigel Bown