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The free to enter prize draws were run from 2006 through to 2012 and were a 'leg up' from HSfB and our fantastic prize draw contributors to anyone wishing either to enter, or further their career in the field of health and safety.

My personal motives, and the motives of HSfB as a whole, are quite simply a passion to keep workers free from accident, injury or ill-health whilst at work.

One of the greatest challenges for me starting out in health and safety was funding for the courses I wanted to go on. HSfB and all the fantastic prize contributions from organisations and other kind individuals has now put me in the fortunate position to help others get started, or to move onward and upwards.

The first free draw, launched on 5 November 2006, was a 'one off' draw where all entrants were placed 'in the hat' and winners were drawn by an impartial member of a renowned health, safety and environmental establishment (NEBOSH). The total value of the prizes given away for that prize draw was a fantastic £7,260!

The draw of 2006/2007 led to a certain amount of recognition for innovation and subsequently won two awards - HSfB Awards.

The third prize draw, launched on 3 November 2008, was the start of a long-term prize draw where each month at least one winner would benefit from the great prizes we had on offer. The aim to keep the prize draw running for as long as possible and to help people progress their health, safety and environmental careers, in turn keeping people safe and healthy at work whilst protecting the environment.

HSfB Wins Lord Cullen Trophy for Safety Innovation 

John Johnston, Health, Safety and Radiation Advisor at FMC Technologies, Dunfermline, Chairperson of the RoSPA Awards Excellence Forum in Scotland (previously the Scottish Higher Performers Forum) and a member of the Safety Group Fife, has had his commitment and passion for Health and Safety recognised after being awarded the Lord Cullen Trophy for Safety Performance. The award was presented by Lord Cullen, president of the Scottish Chamber of Safety (S.C.O.S), at a ceremony held in Dunblane, by the S.C.O.S on Wednesday 4th April 2007.   The trophy was awarded to John for an initiative which will see health and safety professionals from across the UK benefit from free health and safety training and learning materials.

Whether you work with electricity on a daily basis or are thinking about starting a personal project that could bring you into contact with electrical currents, it’s important to make sure you’re properly protected against the risks.  


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One of the most important pieces of protective equipment you can wear is footwear. Different boots offer protection against different things so your footwear should address the specific hazards you could face.

R-Tech Welding Equipment launches free, interactive welding safety guide

Welding equipment supplier R-Tech Welding has created its own welding safety guide, updating the others which can be found online and in print.

The new guide from R-Tech is an online guide, and is interactive, allowing readers to choose different methods of welding to find the information that they need to stay safe while working with welding gear.




Whether you're an experienced welder and have never had a slip up in your life, or a novice DIYer using welding equipment for the very first time, wearing the correct safety equipment is crucial. From damage to your eyes from the brightness of the welding arc, to the high risk of burns from sparks, there are any number of injuries and accidents which can befall welders. There are the X piece of kit required to comprehensively protect you:




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