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I came across this excellent infographic showing various ladder injury statistics and thought I'd share here. Thanks to Ladders Direct.

Click the image or the link at the foot of the blog post to see and download the full image.

Here's what they had to say...

Ladders Direct would like to thank the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), as without their great research and statistics we would never have been able to create this handy info graphic. If you have found our info graphic of interest please feel free to use it on your own site or share with others. And remember when using ladders, stay safe!

HSfB Prize Draw Successes

Since November 2006, HSfB has been running regular free prize draws for our newsletter subscribers.

The first free draw, launched on 5 November 2006, was a 'one off' draw where all entrants were placed 'in the hat' and winners were drawn by an impartial member of a renowned health, safety and environmental establishment (NEBOSH). The total value of the prizes given away for that prize draw was a fantastic £7,260!

Since then, the concept grew and grew until we had several kind organisations and individuals donating prizes on a regular basis. The prize draws have helped to change so many lives and I'm convinced these lives aren't limited to just those winning prizes. I believe the work any health and safety professional does helps to save lives every single day.

Exemption certificate for persons working in mandatory safety helmet areas.

The company is pleased to announce that it has discovered a little known scheme where a person can be exempted from the wearing of a safety helmet. A person exempted under this scheme will designated as a 'Hard Head'. A person who thinks that they can work safely in a designated hard hat area without wearing one can apply for an exemption certificate.

Lord Young and his review of health and safety law in the UK is unlikely to be of any particular use to anyone, except of course lawyers and judges, who will have all the updates to interpret and argue in court (at the tax payer's expense no doubt), since most of our regulation now comes from European legislation (a tory idea so unlikely to change) and the government is required to implement it. Unless that is we change our relationship with Europe, but UKIP didn't win the election. 

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