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Prize Draw - Having a Break for 2013

HSfB Prize Draw Successes

Since November 2006, HSfB has been running regular free prize draws for our newsletter subscribers.

The first free draw, launched on 5 November 2006, was a 'one off' draw where all entrants were placed 'in the hat' and winners were drawn by an impartial member of a renowned health, safety and environmental establishment (NEBOSH). The total value of the prizes given away for that prize draw was a fantastic £7,260!

Since then, the concept grew and grew until we had several kind organisations and individuals donating prizes on a regular basis. The prize draws have helped to change so many lives and I'm convinced these lives aren't limited to just those winning prizes. I believe the work any health and safety professional does helps to save lives every single day.

Check out these amazing statistics for our prize draws since 2006...


Number of potential winners – 17

Number of hours of study given away – 350 (not including the NVQ4)

Total value of all prizes – £7,260



Number of potential winners – 40

Number of hours of study given away – 860

Total value of all prizes – £9,900



Number of potential winners – 28

Number of hours of study given away – 1,470

Total value of all prizes (approximately) – £12,200



Number of potential winners – 47

Number of hours of study given away – 2,364

Number of prizes – 32 (19 x NEBOSH Certificate courses; 2 x IOSH Managing Safely courses; 8 x books; 1 x Amazon vouchers; 1 x Kindle 3G; 1 x NEBOSH Diploma)

Total value of all prizes (approximately) – £14,430



Number of potential winners – 42

Number of hours of study given away – 4,000

Number of prizes – 35 (21 x NEBOSH Certificate courses; 4 x NEBOSH Diploma courses; 8 x books; 2 x Amazon vouchers)

Total value of all prizes (approximately) – £23,780


Total to date

Number of potential winners – 174

Number of hours of study given away – 9,044

Total value of all prizes – £67,570

We are extremely grateful to all of our sponsors who have contributed over the years, click HERE to see who they are and please take a few minutes to check out their services when you are there.


Having a Break

This year, in the run up to HSfB's tenth anniversary, we will be making significant changes to the way we provide our services to you. For that reason, the prize draws will be taking a break this year whilst we focus our efforts on those changes.

With technology changing regarding the way we use the internet and the increasing use of mobile phones, tablet pcs, social networking sites etc, we will be developing our website with all of this in mind. The end result will be a feature rich site to allow you to find our downloads and revision tools much more easily as well as giving you more options to personalise and tailor the site to your own needs.

In carrying out these changes, we will be in a much stronger position to grow HSfB to allow us to continue providing free support for HS&E professionals / students and to continue to give more and more free stuff away!

In the meantime, dig in to our usual site, we aren't going anywhere!