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Alexis is a Legend

One of the best things about Health and Safety for Beginners (HSfB) is the sheer amount of gratitude and appreciation it generates. Sometimes people just have to show that appreciation and gratitude. I just thought I'd share a piece of that here on the blog.

Here is a topic started in our Discussion Forums to show appreciation to Alexis for the amazing job she does in creating and reviewing people's CVs - Alexis is a Legend

Here's a short poem by Alexis returning that gratitude and appreciation.


The Leg-Ends of our Legend

I am very proud to be, one "leg-end" of this legend
The one our JK structured just to help but never reckoned,
His rambling hints and tips would be the beginning of something great,
A framework of uniqueness our JK he did collate,

Some downloads and a forum where no "daft" or "stupid" questions,
Would be the catchphrase ethos to support communications,
With everyone both great and small throughout our Worldwide net,
This health and safety scaffold outlined how this stage was set.

Foundations, they were strengthened when our Mods they gave their all,
Freely and with passion, even night time one would call,
He'd sit and knock out spammers one by one for full compliance,
Building up this structure of our HSfB alliance.

Then one by one- Professionals - like Stokes and Frankie C,
They joined this ever growing H&S communitee,
They brought their words of wisdom - well ...they told us that was so!
With them and others like them, each new level then did grow.

There were legs for all the newbies, downloads sent and all for free,
From our ever growing members of this great communittee,
There was friendly words to help support both Students and old hats,
And even some who could be classed as being daft as bats!

To mention each and all of you, I'd love to.... honestly,
But I don't think I have that time before its time for tea,
So, let me thank you one and all, our family of leg- ends,
Your leg-ends hold the structure making ALL OF US THEE LEGEND!