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Demotivated? then read this......

Just in case you are having a bad day - you know, "Why should I bother when nobody else is?" etc (I think we all get them!), have a look at this summary (NOT a full list) of H&S events in one month across the UK (mid July to Mid August 2013). If this is what happens despite us all applying the much derided 'elf & safety' provisions, how much worse would it be if it were a free-for-all?

Now, if that doesn't inspire you to get on with it and if necessary (and it is for me on a weekly basis) face down the next idiot manager, then I don't know what will!


Worker died guiding HGV into yard

A Coroner's court in Ruthin, Denbighshire, has recorded a verdict of accidental death in respect of a fatal accident in November 2011 at Arkenfield Stable Hire Ltd where a worker guiding a lorry into the premises on Ellesmere Road, Bronington, died when he was struck by a car. Although he was wearing a high visibility vest he had dark overalls on top of it and there was an absence of lighting in the street. A prohibition notice was served and the practice of reversing lorries into the yard was discontinued in favour of vehicles driving straight into the yard. 15th August 2013


Farm worker killed in machinery accident

The HSE has been informed of a fatal accident at Auchlinn farm at Fisherie in Aberdeenshire where a man has died in an accident involving a Class Lexion 460 combine harvester. 15th August 2013


Son's prompt action saves Lancs farmer's arm

A 52-year old Lancashire farmer is recovering in Royal Preston Hospital from a badly fractured arm which was injured in a hay baler on his land near Eccleston. He was investigating a technical malfunction in the baler which had begun to overheat and his arm was drawn in almost to the shoulder. Prompt action by his 8-year old son who was also in the field and de-activated the equipment almost certainly prevented the loss of his arm which was broken in 5 places and took 2 hours for fire crews to release. 13th August 2013

Northern Ireland

Heart attack precipitated farmer's death in cattle feeder

At Dungannon Coroner's Court a verdict of death caused by multiple injuries has been recorded in respect of a 76-year old farmer's death in a fall into a cattle feeder in October last year. It was opined that he probably suffered a heart attack as he was working to access the cattle feeder and had climbed a ladder to get on top of 2 round bales. 13th August 2013

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