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New Download - Health and Safety Auditing – Real World Examples

I've added a new PowerPoint based on my own health and safety auditing experiences, you can download it below. The intention is to share some of the basics of auditing and to help with revision of NEBOSH and IOSH courses.  I've added some real world examples (including photos), the audit trails I followed, examples of what behavioural safety looks like in practice and how to apply the ABC analysis approach during and after an audit.

I really hope it helps you in some way, my approach has served me well over the past 12 years. I believe some of the improvements made as a result of my audits have saved lives and prevented injuries and ill-health.

Follow your instincts, your spidy-tingly-senses on the back of your neck, when it just doesn't look right...check it out, I bet you're right!


icon presentation  HSE Auditing – Real World Examples by John Johnston


You can find many more downloads for analysis and compliance checks on our Monitoring / Review downloads page. 


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