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Please take note - some of these toolbox talks were written some time ago and may be slightly out of date, please make sure you check all downloads for accuracy before using them.


The Toolbox Talk Programme below has been written as a series of numbered discussion topics on Safety, Health and Environmental issues and kindly sent to us at HSfB by Otto, a valued member of our Discussion Forums.


icon-zip Download Otto's Toolbox Talk Programme - Toolbox Talks Programme


Here's what's in Otto's Toolbox Talks box...


Sect 1 Introduction to Programme

Sect 2 How to Conduct a Talk

Sect 3 Index

Sect 4 Basic Health & Safety

1. S.H.E. Policies

2. Personal Responsibilities

3. Improvement and Prohibition Notices

4. Safety Signs

Sect 5 Site Set Up

5. First Aid Requirements

6. Accident Reporting

7. Near Miss Reporting

8. Welfare Facilities

Sect 6 Personal Protection

9. Protective Clothing

10. Head Protection

11. Foot Protection

12. Hand Protection

13. Eye Protection

14. Hearing Protection

Sect 7 Excavation Safety

15. Excavations

16. Excavation Accidents

17. Trenches Kill People

Sect 8 Scaffold Appreciation and Working at Height

18. Scaffolding

19. Ladders

20. Scaffold Towers

21. Working on Roofs

22. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Sect 9 Working Near Services

23. Working Near Underground Cables

24. Working Near Overhead Lines

25. Working Near Gas Mains

26. Working Near Water Mains

27. Working Near Sewers

Sect 10 Confined Spaces Safety

28. Permits to Work

29. Working in Confined Spaces

30. Gases Commonly Found

31. Respiratory Protection

Sect 11 Mobile Plant Safety Awareness

32. Reversing Vehicles and Plant

33. Working with Mobile Plant, Cranes and other Lifting Machines.

34. Working with Machinery

35. Inspection of Plant and Equipment

36. Towing and Handling Mobile Plant

37. Traffic Control

Sect 12 Health Hazards

38. C.O.S.H.H. Regulations

39. Working with Chemicals

40. Welding Operations

41. Working with Cement

42. Lasers

43. Vibration

44. Health Risks from Working in the Sun

Sect 13 Power and Hand Tools

45. Hand Tools

46. Power Tools

47. Working with Abrasive Wheels

48. Working with Cartridge Tools

Sect 14 Fire Prevention

49. Fire Prevention

50. Storage of Flammable Materials

51. Fire Extinguishers

Sect 15 Site Tidiness

52. Housekeeping

53. Slips, Trips and Falls

54. Storage of Materials / Bricks / Concrete Rings.

Sect 16 Handling Materials

55. Access to Workplaces

56. Manual Handling

57. Slinging

Sect 17 Work Adjacent to Railway Lines

58. Basic Meanings of terms used on Railtrack Operations

59. Safety of Persons on or near railway lines

60. Emergency action if working on or near lines

61. Electric shock rescue on Railtrack operations

Sect 18 Public Protection

62. Protection of Children

Sect 19 Environmental Awareness

63. Environmental Policies

64. Water Pollution Control

65. Ground Contamination

66. Fuel and Chemical Management

67. Noise

68. Vibration

69. Dust and Dirt

70. Fumes, Odour and Smoke

71. Protection of Plants and Animals

72. Housekeeping and General Environmental Considerations.

73. Waste Disposal

74. Waste Minimisation

75. Contaminated Land

76. Refuse and Recycling

77. Energy Conservation



Andrew Burgess' Toolbox Talks...


icon-zip Download Andrew Burgess' Toolbox Talks


TBT Confined Spaces

TBT Cut off saw dust

TBT Dumper

TBT Existing Services

TBT Eye Protection

TBT Harnesses

TBT Housekeeping

TBT Ladders

TBT Leptospirosis

TBT Manual Handling


TBT Nuisance Dust

TBT Nuisance Mud

TBT Nuisance Noise

TBT Overhead Lines

TBT Plant & Machinery

TBT Plant Movement & Machinery

TBT Pneumatic Tools

TBT Safety in Excavations

TBT Silt Pollution

TBT Site Security

TBT Soft Landing Bags

TBT Spill Control

TBT Storage and Use of Fuels and Oils

TBT Walkways Routes

TBT Washing Out Plant

TBT Waste Segregation

TBT Working in Public